Messages On a Road Sign

On a recent trip to Sungai Petani, Kedah in Malaysia, I came across a road sign with lots of messages. Do you need money or more specifically, do you need a loan? The messages are put there by illegal moneylenders, loan sharks actually since they will devour the victims who fail to pay up after taking the high interest loans. A 24-year-old man for instance, started to be harassed after his mother failed to pay her debts to the loan sharks. He found a bucketful of rotten fish and chicken carcasses strewn outside his front door and later, the lock to his house was sealed with super glue and he received an SMS threatening to burn down his apartment. Well, it's dangerous to get involved with these loan sharks, you can see and if you do want just a little extra money, surf the net for legal opportunities. Bloggerwave is aiming to be Europes biggest advertsing media on blogs and will gives you this opportunity, that is, if you have a blog. A blogger can help bloggerwave grows and more and more jobs will come, meaning more and more money. You just have to earn your keeps. That's the rule of the world!



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