Joy is having a bowl of Cendol!


Joy is having a bowl of cendol!
(Pics taken at a cendol stall opposite St. George Secondary School in Taiping. February, 2008)


TOMAS said…
Wow, that's so for sure. You are right, but joy is much more than that . While looking at the photo, I was greatly comforted myself. The photo reminded about the bowl I have and I was ashamed for my worries on what I am lacking for being the productive artist. The photo returned me to now and here and thus fired up the gratitude for all I have. Wow, THANK YOU!!
footiam said…
Thanks for feeling the joy too. I think not many people appreciate this blog of mine. Most people visit and leave comment there instead of here. Thanks. It brings me joy and I do think many people forget the joy they have to be healthy and being able to live the simple life with loved ones. I hope this blog will help people realise that!

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