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Contemplation of Impermanence

Hi. Some people say the world will end one day. A believer or not, it doesn't matter. The truth is this world is impermanent. Even if the world does not end, it will change. MountHimalayas may be standing tall many thousand years from now, but will it stand as tall or will it stand taller? Erosion may reduce its height by a few millimeters and the movement of the earth crust may push it higher than you can imagine. Other parts of the world may not have changed but the fact that somewhere, something changes means this world is impermanent. This blog is initially created for us to contemplate on the impermanence of this world and for us to learn to live with it. Since the world is impermanent, why not just lay back and relax and enjoy my pics which I have taken all over the places that I have visited and paintings too which I have done over the years with a good friend. Do take the opportunity to enjoy life before time runs out for us! Happy viewing and enjoy the simple joys of life…