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Thursday Night Dinner

Would you for once crave something meaty? Not vegans, definitely; and my colleagues aren't vegans, not even near vegetarians. One of them suggested a meaty dinner one day; and on a Thursday, we made a pact to have dinner at a popular Chinese restaurant in town. At 7.30pm, the seven of us met at the entrance of the said restaurant but to our surprise, it was closed. Luckily, there was another fancier restaurant next door and we opted for that instead. So, on that Thursday night, we had braised pork ribs, seafood claypot tofu, deep-fried mantis prawns coated with salted eggs and nyonya steamed siakap, that's Lates calcarifer ,a fish. There were big prawns in our claypot tofu and about the only non-meat dish was braised brinjals.