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Food before Flight

Krabi, a tourist resort in Southern Thailand must be  rather  popular with Malaysians especially those living  up north. I've long heard of people going there on chartered buses and then, out of the blue, a friend got all of us an attractive deal to the very place, cheap air tickets with accommodation and a one-day guided tour to boot. Then, while most of the time our holiday trips started off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, this one started from the Pearl of the Orient! Getting to Penang International Airport which is less than two hours drive away would be a breeze and Ah Heng could chauffeur us there! On the day of the departure, we were all bundled into his car earlier than usual.  It was not a matter of beating the traffic jam and getting to the airport on time but more of getting to the restaurant near Universiti Sains Malaysia. After picking up his friend in Seberang Prai, we went on to enjoying a dim sum breakfast there before we made off to the airport to catch o…