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Threesome could be fun! One fine morning, I was out in town and so was Ah Heng. He was with a friend and the three of us decided to have breakfast together. Off he drove us to a traditional Chinese coffee shop popular for its noodle soups. Ah Heng ordered Koay Teow Thng, that's a white flat rice noodle soup; his friend had that mixed with bihun, that's rice vermicelli; and yours truly asked for yellow noodle mixed with rice vermicelli. Ah Heng commented that we were just being mischievous, giving the proprietor a headache by ordering three different noodle soups and the three of us had a good laugh. Later, we had half boiled eggs and flushed that down with coffee. Ah Heng and I had our coffee hot  and mixed with barley which was really something new to me. You gotta believe it that threesome is fun! Three's company!