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Sweet Desserts

What's sweet and savoury? Desserts. Not pineapple or any other fruits or ordinary confections like cakes, biscuits or ice creams but beans or nuts boiled with sugar, sago and what not. Most afternoons, I'd come back to different types of sweet desserts specially prepared for the whole family. There'd be a potful of sweet red or green beans or black glutinous rice that sometimes lasts until the following day and many times too, some tapioca cubes or sago  would be added to the green beans to lend them a better sight and taste. Sometimes, there would be bubur ca ca, a Malay dessert prepared using pearled sago, tapioca, yams, bananas, coconut milk, pandan leaves, sugar and salt; and my niece would surprise everyone with desserts of sweet corns. Never once would there be desserts of wheat, something that I had for breakfast during school days when sometimes, I had a quickie of a breakfast, eating at a roadside pushcart stall waited upon by an Indian Muslim vendor . With so man…