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An Expensive Dinner

Expensive dinners I've had. That probably included one in China when my friends and I made a visit to Dongchuan Red Land. Since our gateway to the place was Kunming, naturally we spent the first night in this big city.  We boarded a van and an enterprising lady whom we met at the airport asked if it'd do to introduce us to a famous restaurant for dinner. We fell for her idea and that night, we had the usual steamed rice and an unusual hotpot mushroom soup. It was here that I first laid my eyes on so many mushrooms, some ridiculously expensive. Even though we picked some of the cheaper mushrooms and ingredients to make our soup, the final bill that came was eye popping. If I remember right, each of us had to fork out at least eighty ringgit and that was exorbitant by backpackers' standards. Period.