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The first time I came across Creamaid, I had thought it is some kind of drink. In the beginning, I was a bit fuzzy of what it is actually, but what the heck.Inside this widget that I came across, there is this title How does Creamaid taste like? and an image of a blue can with the word cream splashed across it, which really reinforced the thought that indeed Creamaid is some kind of soft drink like Pepsi or Coke, only that it is not as popular and I really did think that there is indeed a new cool drink in the market. A little reading however clears the air. Creamaid is actuallya service that allows you to meet other bloggers with similar interests, and make money while doing it! I am really skeptical about it but since anyone can start using CREAMaid by just inserting a creamaid conversation widget inside the post, then , why not give it a try? There is just nothing to lose in this impermanent world of ours, is there?