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Stuffed with Delight

Sometimes when my nephew came back for the holidays, he would take me for a spin in town. One afternoon, he suggested that  we go for some ais kacang. Ais kacang of course is Air Batu Campur, ABC for short; and it refers to the sweet Malaysian dessert very popular in South East Asia consisting of shaved ice, red beans and a host of other ingredients like sweet corn, grass jelly, roasted peanuts, agar agar etc. Even though I had had just taken my lunch, I was all gamed for the idea. It was a hot sunny afternoon and I welcomed the idea of having something cold. I didn't bargain for more than that but at Taiping's popular casual market,he ordered Oh Chienfried oyster omelette and fish ball Teochew fried koay teow. The former is a favorite hawker food in Penang but the latter  was a Taiping's specialty. That day, I stuffed myself with delight.