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Guests who Came for Dinner

Each year when I heard of Ah Chuan and Joe coming home to Taiping  for the Chinese New Year, I would get especially excited at the prospect of visiting his home which is in the vicinity of the Lake Gardens. There is a lake behind his house; and a cute little garden with a tree decorated with red lanterns come Chinese New Year. Then of course, my friends and I have always wanted to treat them to dinner like they played host to us when we we were in Leyton. Last year, we went to his house but did not manage to have dinner with them. This year, it was the other way round. We did not get to see them at home as they were busy visiting one place or another; Kuala Sepetang, Cameron Highlands and Penang in that order and was just lucky to sneak in a dinner of fried rice and noodles last night with not just the two of then but with Tony, their friend from Britain . The great combination of nyonya fried rice, Siamese and Hainanese fried noodles as well as other fusion food was topped up with a …