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For Lunch and Dinner Again!

I don't think Chinese in China prepare or even eat curry mee in such a regular basis as Chinese in Malaysia;  that is if they do prepare and eat them at all. Curry mee or curry laksa, as it is known in Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere in the south of Malaysia, is sometimes spicy, sometimes not, noodles, dipped in curry gravy and topped with coagulated blood cakes, cockles, cuttlefish, sliced hard boiled eggs, fish cakes, shredded chicken, fried tofu, mint leaves, even limau kasturi etc, depending on your preference and imagination. The dish, an article I read, states that it's Malay in origin and another said it's one of the signature dishes of the Malaysian Chinese community.  I suppose that's because  many  and more Chinese eating shops serve the dish comparatively.  At home, sometimes we have mee curry for lunch, and since it's so delicious, we'll have it for dinner too. Burp!