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Lombok Lunch

Brinjals, bean sprouts, tofu... Lunch on a hot afternoon in Lombok, Indonesia, could be simple. After visiting Bukit Merese, our guide had driven us to a plank, plain looking house where we were served a simple lunch. The bean sprouts came with some green vegetables, peanuts and grated coconut, plecing kangkung; and a little dish filed with a peculiar concoction which seemed to me to be Lombok's sambal bawang. There are many types of sambals in Lombok and this one had bawang or onions in it. Plecing terung; the brinjal dish had its own sambal bawang too;   and both dishes weren't that bad especially if dipped in the sambals; delicious even, just like the dish that looked like a diluted form of curry; ares, young banana stem and fish, simmered with coconut milk and some aromatic herbs, such as galangal, ginger, and turmeric. The soup with the green vegetable was simply plain and the tofu, hard. Just okay, this simple lunch!