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Chicken Soup for Weary Travellers

Traveling is often a tiring affair. In a guided tour especially; if you take a night plane and reach your destination early the next morning, sometimes even before you can checked into your hotel, you will be rushed off to some places of interest by your tour guide. In Busan, my friends and I were rushed off to Gamcheon Culture Village upon arrival. Apologizing for the rush, our beautiful guide promised a rejuvenating Korean ginseng chicken soup to recharge our batteries later. The Korean chicken soup was different from mom's; the former had its chicken stuffed with rice and herbs and  served with kimchee and ginseng wine. My friends found the soup not to their liking, being not aromatic enough due to not having enough Korean ginseng but I loved it just the same. Geonbae! 乾杯!Can you spot the ginseng wine?