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Tik Tok Man

You don't find this type of hawkers anymore, I think, a travelling one selling noodles. He operates from a pushcart and is always on the move so much so that you won't be able to find him when you yearn for a bowl of his ware. My niece; the other one, I mean, who's not so much into cooking but art, loves the glass noodles sold by the hawker very much. One day, while at home, the hawker happened to pass by. We knew because he would tap his chopsticks on a bowl, producing a tik tok sound. My other niece sang praises for his  glass noodles and  asked if I'd like to have a bowl, her treat. So, off we went outside, each with our own bowls to meet the Tik TokMan, probably the one and only one around. It was a beautiful day indeed!