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Dinner in Ho Chi Minh

In the backpackers street in Ho Chi Minh, I remember having dinner with my friends in a little restaurant run by a man and his wife. The man cooks while the wife who has resigned from her office job, takes orders from customers and manages the restaurant. The wife was especially courteous and even taught us how to eat some of the Vietnamese dishes. We had very Chinese looking spring rolls, Banh mi and Goi cuon among others. Banh mi, a baguette sandwich filled with greens and an assortment of filling is a delight to bite on. My friends went ga ga over Goi cuon , the Vietnamese spring roll with translucent rice paper wrapper called bánh tráng. I was reminded of the Vietnamese spring roll in Dublin, Ireland. I suppose that should be Banh Cuon, steamed rice rolls made from a thin, wide sheet of steamed fermenmted rice batter and filled with a mixture of seasoned pork, finely chopped wood ear mushrooms, and minced shallots.