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Joy is what goes up!

This is a BlogCatalog Exclusive: What Goes Up Movie Marketer Contest entry!

Joy is what goes up and definitely, it is not the prices!

(Pic taken at Tesco Taiping just before Chinese New Year. 2009)

Joy perhaps is more like watching a movie like the yet to be released 'What Goes Up', a film about a morally challenged New York reporter played by Steve Coogan who learns life lessons from a group of dysfunctional students played by Hilary Duff, Josh Peck and Olivia Thirlby. The theatrical premiere will be on Thursday, May 28 and after May 29, the movie will open in selected theaters in America. It is not simply a joy for Americans who will get to see the movie first but I do think it would be a joy for just anyone who get the opportunity to watch the movie. It will be a joy indeed to watch how a normal person cope with dysfunctional people and not to live with them yourself!