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Half a Day Work

One day, Ah Heng drove me out of town, to the fishing village, Kuala Sepetang where we were to buy fish and prawns for the coming Chinese New Year. We had a breakfast of Lor mee 鹵麵 the Chinese-inspired Malaysian noodle dish served in a thick starchy gravy of corn starch and spices; Kuala Sepetang supposedly served good Lor Mee, compared to Taiping. The proprietress of the eating shop was a bubbly, pretty lady; and when I complimented the pretty little glass cups which she used to serve Nescafe, for Ah Heng and tea, for me; she was visibly pleased. Later, as we were eating and chatting, a friend of Ah Heng sent a plate of fish over as a treat. Then, we were off to a friend's house where we sat and drank Hor Kah Sai; that was a  Milo and coffee mix popular here and in Taiping. Later, when our errands were done, we left for Taiping and it was just time for lunch. We shared a big bowl of seafood porridge and a pot of hot Chinese tea. All that in half a day work!