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My nephew came back on Saturday. On Sunday, he made a short trip to Penang and as I was free, he invited me to tag along. Then, there I was in the Pearl of the Orient, having a bowl of curry noodles; his treat, at the bustling food court fondly called Goh Teow Law or Fifth Street. The curry gravy  wasn't as red as the usual curry gravy I had had and reminded me of the instant Penang curry noodles  which was rather expensive and popular once upon a time. Then, it was off to Gurney Paragon where a coffee and dessert festival was going on. Bought 9 bread at RM10 for 3 and on the way home, my  nephew introduced me to the popular black sugar Boba drink with pearls and cream. The last was my treat.
Guess which curry noodles isn't from Penang?