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A Breakfast of Chicken Rice

Chicken rice in Thailand? Yes, once a while, enroute Hat Yai, my friends and I would have it. That was especially true when we travelled in a chartered bus with a big group of holiday makers. We would travel near midnight and the following day, at lunchtime, the bus driver would stop at a row of wooden shophouses in a little town so that we would have a lunch of chicken rice with either sugarcane juice or chrysanthemum tea at an eating shop there. In a recent trip to Patthalung;  since it was still early we were treated to a breakfast of chicken rice instead; but it was at a red building bearing the name 姐弟 Sister and Brother. The place was more spacious and comfortable. Besides chicken rice, we were also served barbequed and roasted pork and a soup of fishball, chicken blood and bean sprouts. The chicken rice there was just as yummy!