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For Lunch and Dinner

I remember one Saturday when I was preparing to go out;  I was putting on my sport shoes when my niece called out from the kitchen, Are you coming home for lunch? She reminded me to be back for she had specially prepared Tom Yam mee and curry mee. That was really special because most of the time, Asian families eat rice, that being the staple food, with various meat and vegetables dishes of course. Tom Yam mee is noodle dipped in Tom Yam soup; it's Thai influenced; Tom Yam being a hot and sour soup from Thailand which I truly love. Curry mee on the other hand, refers to curry laksa; that's what the people in South Malaysia call it and if you have read, has been billed  the second most delicious dish in the world by Lonely Planet this year. That day, I had curry mee for lunch and Tom Yam mee for dinner. I'm one lucky guy, don't you think?Now, which is for lunch and which is for dinner?