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Angels Had a Guest

Sabrina had been away to Japan for quite a long time, a month to be exact. When she came back, there was talk about the angels getting together. Then, Quinn, the American lass who had been a colleague for the last ten months was scheduled to leave Malaysia, going back to her home in Maine. So, I thought what would be better as farewell dinner than to have steamboat with the angels at the quite new hot pot restaurant in Simpang. On Saturday, the angels made a pact to meet. Sabrina offered to ferry the angels; so, I let myself be picked up at three quarters past five. At ten passed six, Quinn turned up and before we proceeded to a sumptuous meal of abalone, sea cucumber, pig intestine, pork and chicken all dumped into a bubbling hot pot, I introduced to the guest, fellow angels - the boyish Sabrina and the tall Kelly. Yours truly of course is the sexy Jill. Nice to meet you, Quinn! We'll have ais kacang after this!
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