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Meat on Sticks

There is a little Chinatown in Kota Bahru, Kelantan, I suppose. While the Malaysian state in the East coast is mostly populated by Malay Muslims, Chinese form slightly four per cent of the population. I've heard before that for a long time now, some of the Chinese there intermarry the Thais. Their culture perhaps is a fusion of Thai and Chinese. In Tanah Merah, some 50 km away, where once I spent a night with a Chinese friend there, I chanced upon a festival celebrated by the Chinese where people pray in the graveyard at night and Thai-influenced dishes were served. The local Chinese there speak to each other sometimes in Hokkien, sometimes in the Kelantese Malay dialect. My nephew when we were in Kota Bahru treated me to a Chinese dinner in the city's Chinatown. Outside the shop, a hawker was selling freshly barbecued meat on sticks. That, I have seen in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand.Which item below is sold by a hawker in Kota Bahru?