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Feeling Like a Kid

Each time, when in Bandar Makhota Cheras in Cheras, Selangor, visiting my nephew; there are always a few things to expect. Breakfast would be in a crowded, humid eating shop. He would ask me what I want for breakfast and I would always say Anything. I'll eat what you eat. So, he'd order the usual, two bowls of yee mee soup and dry konloh koayteow which comes with a little bowl of fish ball soup. We each had a bowl of yee mee soup and he would relish on the dry koay teow, before passing the remainder half portion to me. I told him of the time when as a child, I tagged along my dad, his grandfather; to a coffee shop . Dad would order a cup of tea which come in a china cup  on a saucer. He would pour a little tea into the saucer and then, the both of us would have tea. With my nephew, sometimes I feel like I'm with my father. It's a wonderful to feel like a kid sometimes!