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Food in a Ramadan Market

It's Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. In the 70s, school would close earlier than usual and school children, teachers too, I suppose, rejoiced at the opportunity to go home early. The Muslims would need the time to get ready to break fast. Those days, Ramadan markets were already in existence; only smaller in scale and not so many in numbers, if I remember right. Muslims would flock to these markets to buy food. In the Ramadan market, various types of traditional food will be on sale. It's always nice taking a stroll in such markets and just now, I just stopped over at the one in town. There were the usual satay, ayam percik, Nasi tomato, nasi kerabu,traditional Malay cakes; one even with the odd name, badak berendam; wallowing rhinoceros if you'd translate that into English, and bread based food like burgers and long ones dubbed roti John and even dim sum! What a spread indeed! Reminds me of Chinese New year and other Chinese festivals where food is in abundance!