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Lunch on a Hot Afternoon

After spending a night in Kota Bahru, it was off to Kuala Terengganu, the capital of Terengganu state in the East coast of Peninsula Malaysia. The Chinatown there has been in existence since time immemorial and it was there in the 90s when I had my first bite of the white steamed keropok lekor. I've long visited it, Kuala Terengganu's Chinatown, long before my nephew who then was just a little kid in school but surprisingly it was him who led me through a back lane to an eating shop that on first sight looked rather a turn off. The backyard of a house there was rather unkempt, the kitchen looked cluttered and where we eat, it was hot and humid. But then, it was a hot afternoon when we were there. You'll forget all that in a minute when food was served and we dug into the fish head curry and prawn dish!