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Saturday Night Date

It was not a Saturday night fever for sure; that was more for John Travolta. For normal people like us, it was more a Saturday night date. Ah Heng had called me in the afternoon to ask if I had wanted some adeniums which his ex-colleague was giving away. So, together we went to his colleague's house to pick them up. On our way home, we made a date to watch Donnie Yen's latest flick that night, Big Brother, a movie in the vein of  Sidney Pointier's To Sir With Love, only with some kung full thrown in.  After the movie, we had gone across the road to eat. Both Ah Heng and I had yet to take our dinner. While I was more keen on going home for some home cooked meal, Ah Heng had wanted to eat out. So,  I thought I'd just go for a drink and have something light. Ah Heng ordered what looked like fusion food, grilled chicken in black pepper sauce served with fried eggs and French fries and of all things, steamed rice. He asked if I'd like to try the Assam fish there. I reme…