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Angels at a Hotel

Even before Chinese New Year, the angels had been trying to meet. When Kelly made a contact, Sabrina excused herself as she was not feeling well. The angels all decided to cool it until later. Then, it was Kelly's turn to say she couldn't make it since her better half had to go to the hospital to undergo a heart bypass. It was decided then that the angels would meet after Chinese New Year. The year of the pig came and on the sixteenth day; I, Jill, bumped into Sabrina at a gathering in Pokok Assam. I had supper with her and a few mutual friends and a day or two after that, Sabrina whatshapped all the angels, proposing a get together. There wasn't a problem with all the angels this time round and so on Friday, all gathered at a hotel in Kamunting and had lunch. Sabrina and I found the steamed rice a bit hard. The omelette with chicken meat was so-so as was the stir-fried lotus roots with an assortment of vegetables. As for the bamboo charcoal tofu,  Kelly thought it was nic…