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Breakfast Present, Breakfast Past

One morning, I woke up early as usual, at about half past five.  The sky was still dark and the air was a little chilly as it was drizzling outside. As I got ready to go out for breakfast, my sister-in-law asked if I'd like to have some mi hun kueh 面粉粿. Literally, that was flour cake, an old fashion Asian style pancake or crepe. Why not? I replied and I proceeded to make myself a cup of British tea; British because I bought the tea at Heathrow airport in London and the tea was packed in an attractive metal container with the picture of the Union Jack. I had a similar breakfast once but then, instead of tea, I had a three- in-one coffee; that's a  mixture of instant coffee, non-dairy creamer and refined cane sugar which you could conveniently mix with hot water to get a cuppa.Someone told me the coffee isn't very healthy as it is packed with sugar and the coffee isn't necessarily top-grade.