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Khani said he would visit me during Chinese New Year but a few days before the big day, he popped up at my place with some appam which his granny made. Appam is an Indian pancake made of fermented rice batter and coconut milk. A day after my friends and I played host to some British subjects, Khani finally came to my house and then when we went out to eat, I couldn't help but suggest the very restaurant which we had been to the night before. I recommended him the nasi goreng nyonyawhich I had had and for myself, I had the blue nasi ulam; blue because of the bunga telang used to dye the rice. Nasi ulam is steamed rice with lots of herbs and vegetables and other side dishes; the herbs and vegetables usually raw. Supposed to be from Indonesia; but people all over South East Asia including Thailand and Vietnam do eat lots of raw vegetables with their steamed rice.

Guess what we had at the restaurant?