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Chinese New Year Remnants

Chinese New Year may have long been over but months later, one would still be eating Chinese New Year delicacies. Forget Yee Sang for that dish is normally reserved for the big day. Nian gao 年糕, the sweet cake of glutinous rice made to serve the Kitchen God,  is soft when fresh from the oven but often it becomes hard when exposed to air. It could turn very hard and mouldy too after some time. However, after cutting away the mouldy part, and dipping it in flour and having it deep-fried, it'll transform into yet another delicious snack. One day, I got home and there was this snack on the kitchen table. Forget the other Chinese New year remnants. The Chinese New Year cookies could wait! So too, the fried rice, fried koay teow, bread, pickled mango and the sweet desert Bobo caca