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A Steamboat Dinner

Some of my colleagues wanted to give a farewell dinner to Miss M and since the American lass had never experienced a Chinese steamboat dinner before, they decided to hold one in her honour. Dinner was planned at around seven at Seoul Garden but since the place was fully booked , the organisers had opted for a Chinese restaurant instead. The food was slow in coming even though booking had been done in advance; and when they did come, the vegetables were not properly cut and had to be sent back to the kitchen. Other then that, there was no other complaint. Personally, I did enjoy myself cooking at the table, dipping the raw vegetables, mushrooms, meat, yee mee and an assortment of seafood; cuttlefish, squids and prawn into the the two different stock we requested, Tom Yam and another  meatbased stock. To top that all, someone treated us to some ondeh- ondeh, sweet glutinous rice balls coated with grated coconut.