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A Little Bit Like Old Times

Crabs! My nephew and I love them. When my nephew was still a teen in school, we used to have a crab meal every now and then at a restaurant that overlooked the Kuala Sepetang river in the little fishing village some 16 km away from Taiping. We had to climb a steep stair to the restaurant and we'd pick a place where we could have a clear view of the mangrove swamps and the fishing boats moored there. When the sun set, we'd almost always move to another table to avoid the mosquitoes which seemed to appear suddenly from nowhere. When my nephew came back for a holiday recently, we decided to have a crab meal just like old times. We went to a restaurant nearer home where we ordered besides crabs, a plate of fried yee mee and mantis prawn. Before, we used to have crabs, mantis prawns and little squids...