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One Night in Genting

In Genting Highlands, Pahang home to the biggest hotel in the world, we had Chinese steamed buns, rice, noodles, spring rolls and a few other classics for dinner. The Chinese steamed buns, 小笼包 xiaolongbao seemed about the only  special food we had had; pretty little balls of visual delights which came in bamboo steamers, oozing hot liquid which reeked of meat when bitten. The rice, fried with eggs and prawns till fragrant, tickled the taste buds and I took delight in the prawns' special  brand of rubbery crunchiness. The noodles were smooth like silk, quite nice really; and the little spring rolls smelled like they had a big piece of mushroom in them, certainly not as nice as the average spring rolls stuffed with the humble turnip and carrots. Then, there were the classic sweet and sour pork 咕噜肉 gu lou yok and deep fried Chinese Dumpling Fried Sui-Kow 炸饺子 which I just had a bite each. Then, we were off to Fei Yu Ching's farewell concert.