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Seafood Haven

Lala, those  soft-shell clams;  fry them and stir them well  with soy sauce, shredded ginger, red chilies, and scallions and feel the tender, juicy flesh tantalize your taste buds! Can't imagine how else these clams are cooked. Once, in Bukit Tambun, a town near Simpang Ampat, Penang, my friends and I had them exactly the way they were cooked at home. We had fish too, steamed Teochew- style; crabs, deep-fried with salted eggs and eggs fried with a generous helping of oysters. Bukit Tambun, by the way, has numerous seafood restaurants. The first time I was there was late at night and all I remember was being treated to some clams which the host said could produced pearls. Bukit Tambun is a pearl itself for seafood lovers. On our way back from Krabi, we had made a point to lunch there.