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Simple Joys! My Food! Let's Wine and Dine!

What a spread! Going through old photos in my Huawei, I come across pictures of food, food and more glorious food. Suddenly, I wonder what I put into my mouth, what you call that little juicy piece of meat, that crunchy green  thing, the  momentary joy that seems to melt in the mouth and leave a lingering feeling of longing unlike that of a forlorn lover, where and when I had them ,and how they could have affected me. Then I thought I might as well share the pictures with whoever is out there in the Cyber world, who perhaps find joy too when they wine and dine and who perhaps would be kind enough to share some information on what those delights are, whether there are some other varieties or if  there are similar tastier versions elsewhere or how the food could be of great benefits or a hazard to the health. So, I suppose that's the reason why I'm giving a fresh coat of paint, a make over to this old, long deserted blog, Simple Joys!, turning part of it into a food blog,  Simpl…