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Hard Rock Cafe, Dublin

Someone commented on my Hard Rock Kota Kinabalu T-shirt the other night. The truth was I bought the T-shirt in a night market in Sabah's capital. In tourist spots in Malaysia, Thailand and elsewhere in Asia, I suppose such T-shirts can be bought easily and cheaply too; at RM10 even. I have seen Hard Rock Cafe in Malacca and Penang but have not patronize any, not until I visited Dublin, Ireland in 2016. Mau Wei and I were visiting Yen Yen and her husband ; and one evening, we just strolled into Hard Rock Cafe, Dublin, somewhere near Temple Bar.  It was after all almost time for dinner and Hard Rock Cafe, Dublin looked just like a cosy place. So there we were, Mau Wei, her sister, Yen Yen, her husband, her two relatives and I, having a meal at Hard Rock Cafe, Dublin. The food and drink there were marvellous and the price reasonable; that is, if you were to pay in Euro. Yen Yen's husband picked up the tab. Thanks!