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Lombok Food

In Lombok, sometimes we just ate what came along. My roommate and I often walked the quiet street near our hotel each morning to hunt for breakfast. There's no nasi lemak to talk of; more of Nasi Puyung which is steamed rice accompanied by shredded chicken called Ayam Suwir , cooked with lemongrass, chilies, and shrimp paste. For lunch and dinner, sometimes we just ordered our own food; I remember having steamed rice with sauteed string beans called Tumis Kacang in a little shop which moonlights as a souvenir shop, selling T-shirts and traditional medicine among others; and one night we just wandered off to a boring shopping complex where I had mee soto. Many dishes in Lombok often come with its special brand of sambal, spicy hot sauce which I really dig into and often, plecing kangkung haspeanuts and bean sprouts in it.