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In Hot Soup

One of the must buy items in Cameron Highlands , I presume, must be the sweet, succulent Cameron Highlands  maize. My niece, her mom and aunties were in  Cameron Highlands not too long ago and there were plenty of maize to eat on their return. I remember boiled maize sold in the night markets during the 70s used to be more orangy and hard unlike the new varieties. The latter, some of the more expensive ones especially, are even still palatable in their raw form.  Talking about maize now,I can't help but be reminded of the simple yet tasty lunch I had with my friends in the Dongchuan Redlands 紅土地 in Kunming, China. There for the first time, I found  big chunks of maize in my hot soup! Now, guess which item/s in the photos come/comes from Cameron Highland?