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Happy Diwali!

An Indian-theme fair in Taiping Mall attracted a sizable number of Indians; Hindus who were getting ready to welcome Diwali, the festival of lights, and yours truly; who was bowled over by a snack sold there, a round, hollow paper thin unleavened deep-fried piece of bread called puri. Fill that with imli pani, a mixture of flavoured water and an assortment of other ingredients, tamarind chutney, chili, some spice mix called chaat masala, potato, onion or chickpeas and there, you have pani puri, a snack said to have originated from Varanasi, India. A bite of it is like an assault on a dam, breaking the wall to release the water trapped; only now, what gushes out from the puri is a delightful cool liquid that titillates  the tastebuds. Reminds me of 小龍飽 little Dragon bun, only that this panipuri looks like better served cold! Happy Diwali!